3 Steps to Manifesting an Amazing Summer

Does the idea of summer sound more lovely than the reality often ends up being? Do you dream about swimming pools, sunshine, carefree days, and friends + family gathered at outdoor BBQs laughing and smiling, but wind up experiencing something very different?

Many times the idea of a fabulous season ahead is so exciting, yet the follow through takes a little more care + intention that becomes easily cast aside. We all mean so well, but often I find we overlook creating the space and setting intention for what we want to truly come forth into reality. Creating good energy and manifesting a wonderful few months ahead is more than possible. Our dreams are more than possible. They can and will manifest themselves when we support our mind + body and focus on what we want to come forth.  I believe in a few things you need to create wonderful feelings and experiences in your life, as well as for the summer season ahead.

3 Steps to Manifesting an Amazing Summer

  1. Wholesome food. The more you eat real ( I'm not talking boxed and packaged foods here) the more you feel at ease and balanced. I am talking food from the farmers market, whole veggies, fruit, plants, and animals (if thats your thing). There is of course room to indulge in your favorite treats, but learning how to saturate your body with nutrient dense, real foods  will make a huge difference in how you experience your life. Namely feeling more energized,  balanced, and happier in your day to day. This sets a tone for you to be able to accomplish and experience a life you want and deserve.  Feeling well and fueling your body in this way, will leave more space and energy open. It will help curb anxiety, stress, and leave you feeling more at ease. And eating well without judgement, guilt, or rigidity is important in order for you to follow through and enjoy your life. Make one commitment to yourself around eating well for your unique self. Write it down in this form or similar: I will ........ to support my body and highest good.
  2. Get Intentional Around Self-care. I know you probably give a lot. To the people you care about, to work, to everything and everyone in your life. But without taking time out to give to yourself (via rest, fun, and whatever you love), you and all of us, run dry. And then we try to make up for the lost zest in other areas of our lives. Our tempers turn short, we look to food for comfort, and we lack the ability to tune into our intuition. So yes, I would say self care is pretty darn important to set the tone and allow for great experiences in your life. And I know you want to experience an amazing summer. Take a moment to rest and nurture yourself by disconnecting from your devices, taking a bath, getting outside. And then reflect and write down what it is you exactly want. What you want to feel, what you want your summer to look like, what you want to experience. By slowing down and then sending your wishes out to the universe, you plant seeds for your intentions to grow.
  3. Inspiration and Connection. Creating momentum and good energy in your life has a lot to do with the type of people you attract and bring into your life and the quality of time you spend with them. Connecting and enjoying over good food, having fun and laughing with friends + family, and being adventurous with your loved ones fills us up. This is crucial so we do not look to alternative and less healthy methods to gain energy. When we connect well (and focus on these supportive interactions) and have fun with others we gain energy, inspiration, and positive momentum in our lives.

And all this takes intention and willingness. When you create space to allow the goodness flow, you create well-being and goodness in your life and this becomes your experience. I hope you intentionally create this for the upcoming summer. Wellbeing, fun, and whatever you wish to experience for yourself and thus for the people you share your life with. Because your energy and state of mind is not only contagious, but it also attracts more of what you have created. Create goodness, receive more goodness. Create love, receive more love. You have the power within yourself to create and manifest not only a great summer season, but a wonderful and fulfilled life.

And to get you on this path, I hope you are able to join me this Friday, June 23rd at Happy Girl Kitchen for the Nourish 360 Women's Evening Retreat. We will be putting into action the 3 pillars that I just wrote about: nourishing our bodies, elevating self-care, and connecting with others. It will be a great evening! We will dine over a delicious vegetarian meal, elevate our self-care with vision board making + journaling, and we will connect with other beautiful women. It will be a wonderful event and I would be so excited if you would join us. You may find out more and register here

Wishing you the space and intention to set the tone for a beautiful summer! Xo