How Grief Taught Me Self-Love

Today I'm over at talking about how my grief actually helped me have a better relationship with myself. It is a raw, vulnerable, and authentic piece that came straight from my heart. No filter, just me. 

I am grateful to be sharing my message with Maddy Moon and her community. Maddy is a lovely woman who is on a mission to help others attain a positive body image and gain freedom from the constraints many of us allow food to have over our lives. I love listening to Maddy's passion on her podcast around the topic, as feeling free in your body and around your food is something that resonates with me on a deep level.

I hope you enjoy the post, please share if you feel moved to do so, and have a beautiful week. Also, if any of you are struggling with challenges, grief, or pain... please start a conversation; either in the comments below, with friends or family, or share your own story. My wish is that we will all learn to accept and feel much more free around the topic of pain and healing in our communities.