The No Grain Bowl + Hormone Balance

As we transition from summer to fall, supporting kiddos going back to school, feeling the changes in the nature surrounding us, its a wonderful chance to start anew and reset. Seeking out to take a deep breath, stabilize, uplevel our sense of well-being, and start settling in + visualizing the cozy season ahead.

I wanted to give you a yummy, simple recipe that is both grounding and balancing in celebration of welcoming beautiful September. Something that is easy + attainable to make for any time of day, and will support blood sugar levels to keep hormones harmonious. A recipe that will give you stability + wholeness as we transition from season to season. And encourage you in becoming more in tune with your body.


I've been focusing a lot recently on researching about + balancing my own hormones naturally and I'm excited this coming season to share some of the information with you. One new and simple idea I have been implementing has been seed cycling. The idea that certain seeds will help boost estrogen (flax meal, pumpkin seeds) during the first half of your cycle and other seeds (sesame seeds, sunflower seeds) will help boost progesterone during the second half. I have found it nurturing yes and also a way to connect more deeply with my body. 

I have found that this loose recipe is a wonderful vehicle if attempting to implement seed cycling, balancing blood sugar (essential for hormone balance), and gives you the opportunity to utilize + experiment with late summer/early fall veggies. 

I personally have been making variations on this No Grain Bowl and have been enjoying them for several breakfasts and lunches. To help in the time department I will make a large pan of roasted veggies at one meal and save the rest for other meals and/or utilize leftover roast veggies from dinners. I love using veggies as the base instead of grains or seeds ( i.e.  rice or quinoa ) due to the fact that I feel lighter and more energetic after eating. You get the comfort factor without the carb coma + cravings later on.  And I find that when a good amount of wholesome protein + fat are involved, mood is more balanced and cravings throughout the day are diminished. 

If you are intrigued by the idea of seed cycling and want to learn more about balancing hormones naturally I highly recommend a few resources. Woman Code is a wonderful book by Alissa Vitti, as well as episode 27 of this podcast , and here is a short article on seed cycling to get you more familiar with the concept. 

Wishing you so many cozy times heading into September while still relishing the end of summer.


The No Grain Bowl

makes 2 servings

3 cups non starchy veggies cut into cubes or bite size pieces (i.e. zucchini, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant, leeks, mushrooms, tomato)
1-2 tsp sea salt
1 TB nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp paprika
3 TB avocado oil

Toss veggies in avocado oil, sea salt, nutritional yeast, and paprika. Roast at 425 degrees Farenheit for 15-20 minutes or until tender. Depending on the veggies you select, your times will differ. 

After veggies are finished roasting, Add half to a bowl and reserve half in a tupperware for another meal. Finish with toppings of choice and top with seeds according to your cycle. See below for ideas....


fresh herbs
tahini sauce
sliced green onions
poached egg
sour cream

cashew dill garlic sauce


follicular phase (days 1-13) use flax meal + pumpkin seeds
luteal phase use (days 14-28) use sesame seeds + sunflower seeds

NOTE : Depending on what your time allows and how much you love cooking, please don't feel as though you should be making everything from scratch. Most days i roast some veggies and use some great store bought hummus and sauce as toppings. Do your best and make the best decisions for you, without adding more stress to your life. Remember, food should be delicious, fun, and nourishing.


How are you staying balanced amidst the upcoming transitions from summer to fall?