How To Cook Healthy With More Ease, Plus A Free Meal Planner PDF

Trying to cook more, eat healthier consistently, and do it all with more ease and joy? There are a plethora of recipes out there on the web, in books, and suggestions streaming in from family + friends. And this kind of help matters. But, it's only one piece to the puzzle.

If you are a person who wants to eat healthier, has good intentions around cooking more, is stacking healthy recipe ideas up on Pinterest, but just quite can't make it happen as often as you'd like, well, listen up.

Yes, recipes matter. The healthy tips and inspiration matters. But there are additional key components you need in order to make your meals happen. To bring the ideas to life. To not only eat healthy and cook more, but to do so with a certain amount of ease and joy. 

I share this information because I want to you feel great. And I truly believe the more information we can give each other to support our well-being and growth, the more of that same goodness reflects right back to us and how we feel and experience our lives. 

So, these are four key habits that, when practiced, will create great change in how you feel in your body and what's showing up on your plate morning, noon, and night.  Because what we fuel our bodies with matters. And the way in which we make that happen matters too. Take what resonates with you and practice these suggestions or come up with a few of your own.  Integrate them into your lifestyle. Allow them to become your new habits, little by little,  and allow yourself to thrive.

4 Habits For Cooking Healthier With More Ease + Joy

1. Meal plan. A lot of the difficulty in making healthy meals happen is actually deciding what to have, when to cook it, and making sure you have everything on hand. When you block out 20-30 minutes to plan for your week and make a grocery list for what you will need and stock your pantry with fresh food that works for you, you eliminate decision making later on in the week. You sidestep confusion and often takeout.  Having a loose plan for the week to come is a time saver and stress reducer. I love to plan my week on paper, so I created a free downloadable for you here to get you started. 

2. Make bigger batches. When you cook a grain, make 3x as much and store it in the fridge. Same goes for roasted veggies, proteins, soups, and sauces. Make extra dinner and pack it for lunch. Having wholesome food on hand that is already prepared not only makes your life more simple, but it feels luxurious. AND, it takes no more time to cook more of something when you are already at it. You can even do this with green smoothies stored in mason jars + sealed lids to make for a couple days of effortless breakfast.

3. Learn to enjoy cooking.  Make your kitchen cozy and flip on a playlist and light a candle. Pay attention to the beauty of the food you are preparing. Cook with a friend or loved one. Be creative. Transform your experience into something enjoyable and your meals will be that much more nourishing and bring your life more energy and ease . And when you have more ease, you want to replicate the experience over and over again.

4. Know what you love and what loves you. Plants are healing, wholesome, and have the power to help you feel better than you ever possibly dreamed. Watermelon, kale (cooked in buttah!), almond butter, avocados, cabbage, raspberries, and pineapple are some of my favorites that taste amazing and help me feel the same way. What are your favs? Add these to your grocery list and keep them around your home. Keep yourself tempted with foods that support you to feel great and that you love savoring.

So share with us in the comments below. What helps you cook healthier with more ease?