New Moon in the New Year : A Women's Gathering


New Moon in the New Year : A Women's Gathering


Friday, January 24th 2020
at Happy Girl Kitchen Co.

As women, the moon guides and empowers us to utilize our inner strength. The new moon is a perfect time to set intentions and harness the new energy around us. And as we say yes to creating space and time to connect with community and to nourish our mental and emotional selves, we say yes to healing as a collective.

During this workshop we will come together to celebrate the first new moons in 2019. It will be a light, fun, and supportive evening with many elements including:

  • a women’s circle

  • plant based appetizers and tonics + their recipes to re create at home

  • daily ritual suggestions: we will learn how to make herbal infusions and upgrade some of our current daily habits

  • reflection and aligning for an intentional 2020

  • connecting with other like minded women

Let’s come together as a community of women, supporting one another’s greatness that we each hold within.

This event is for anyone who identifies as a woman.

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