One Commonly Overlooked Key To Great Health

When we look at ways to get healthy, lose weight, and feel more comfortable in our skin, most of us find hope in the newest diet trend, cutting calories, or simply looking how to clean up our meals. What many of us forget is how to fill up beyond the calories in calories out mentality. 

Along with self-care, connection is a way to fill up beyond your plate. Finding more connection in your life, to people and within yourself, helps to satiate and energize your mind and body. And in a world where food is abundant and we often neglect taking care of our emotional selves, we can find ourselves reaching for food in order to fill a void. But when we can learn to create joy and fun around the table,  people often find they need less food, they slow down, and feel more fulfilled.

When I lived in France, I learned some valuable lessons around how to eat. Most lavish meals were shared with close friends and family and were stretched over many hours, courses, conversations, and laughter. The taste of each bite was heightened due to the energy and the fun around the table. No one stressed over the butter, bread, wine or dairy that was being served. And no bite went mindlessly undetected by our taste buds, because the topic of conversation was almost always around the quality and taste of the food we were enjoying. Our togetherness brought me into the present moment. It satiated a part of me that, for a long time before, I had tried to fill with food. 

Now, for many of us living like the French seems far fetched and out of reach. We work long days, take care of our children, rush to and fro, and we try our best. We live in a culture of drive-thrus and 100 calorie packs. But what if we all started to add any size amount of connection to our meals in order to elevate our joy and satisfaction? In order to relax and decompress? What if by making small shifts we learned to fill ourselves up with something deeper and chose to savor each bite of food instead of feeling guilty, stuffed, and weighed down after meals?

Making these types of shifts are crucial to experiencing health, balance, and freedom within your body. While the type of food you eat is so, so important, adding the layer of connection to your meals is an often underestimated and worthwhile endeavor to elevating your wellbeing and creating a life and body you love. Add connection, fun, and laughter, and see how you reach for less food and enjoy each bite more. Add joy and people you love and see how emotional eating becomes a challenge of the past. The following are small and big ways you can elevate your connection around mealtimes:

  • say a prayer to yourself or with your family
  • sit down to eat
  • take 3 deep breaths before eating
  • serve dishes in courses to lengthen the meal
  • turn off the tv and chat to the people next to you about your day
  • if eating alone, set yourself a beautiful place to eat
  • set the tone with music
  • invite a friend or family member over for dinner or coffee you haven't seen in awhile and make something special to enjoy together
  • talk about the taste and the quality of your food and dishes you would like to try
  • create a feeling of relaxation and fun around your table by laughing
  • express what you are grateful for and ask others what they are grateful for
  • share your dreams
  • eat outdoors, unwind, and enjoy each bite

Pick a few or create your own, and become more intentional around how you eat and how you experience your meals. Filling ourselves up beyond our plate is an important and often forgotten key to your journey on the wellness path. Wishing you joy, connection, good food, and laughter around your table this week. Xo


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