On Enhancing Special, Joy, & Awareness

It's been about two weeks into the Nourish 360 New Years Challenge: "Bringing Back Special" and I have to say I've learned a lot. (And hey, it's not too late to join us over here.)

Just to recap, in case you missed it, the New Years challenge is about coming together in our Nourish 360 community and letting go of something for a month we know hasn't been serving our highest good, with the intention of welcoming it back into our lives in February; with increased awareness and in moderation. The idea being to reset our bodies and minds (it could be a particular food or possibly be starring at screens less), and strengthening our ability to recognize how special foods and experiences can truly be when we don't engage more than what feels good. In short, we want to enhance how we experience special and enjoyable things in our lives, instead over overindulging and feeling crummy and physically + emotionally heavy.

Taking up a challenge with the intention of enjoying your life more looks a heck of a lot different than taking up a challenge to restrict or punish yourself. It becomes about stepping into your best self and less about working against yourself. So funny what a shift in perspective and intention has the power to do.

For example, I decided to give up refined sugar for my personal challenge. And after some inspiration from our Nourish 360 community over on our private Facebook group, I opted to make special exceptions (i.e. my kiddo's bday parties), but enjoy every. single. bite. Instead of feeling restricted and down because I am limiting myself in an area, I am becoming more aware of when I crave sweets and connecting more deeply with what my body needs and how it operates. (If anyone else is trying to eat less sugar, increasing your healthy fat intake does wonders for cravings) The difference for me is that instead of forgoing a specific thing (i.e. coffee, dairy, sugar, etc) and placing a label on it that it is "bad" and I'm failing if I partake, I am forgoing it for a bit in order to introduce it in moderation and with a heightened experience and specialness to it... so I can actually enjoy it more. And this idea can be implemented to pretty much any area of your life. 

It is so easy to overdo anything. We have amazon prime for shopping (almost instant gratification), 24 hour grocery stores, mobile screens with the ability of keeping us perpetually distracted and engaged,  an abundance of food, and pretty much everything available at our fingertips. Throw in that we are moving faster with more to accomplish than ever before and we are a recipe for a physical and emotional train wreck. Plus, too much doesn't feel good. When we combine too much with overstimulation and not taking the opportunity to slow down and reflect, we are left consuming mindlessly and impulsively and not tuning in and taking care of what we truly need. And it just don't feel that great.

I love the feeling of sacred, magic moments. Whether it be around food, treats, experiences, family, shopping downtown with a friend, a good book, or coffee. And there is nothing like taking something away and missing it in order to really relish in it when you bring it back again. This is the intention behind our New Years challenge at Nourish 360. Not to deprive yourself, but to learn how to slow down and use moderation so we can in turn learn to relish and enjoy more. We can learn to approach life, food, and moments the way I believe they were intended to: with the magic and specialness they deserve.

How are you challenging yourself this New Year, becoming more aware, and advocating your personal growth? We want to hear!