'Growth' vs. 'Better', Plus A Free Journal PDF

In a world that constantly creates content, information, and motivation around self-improvement, a better life, better bodies, better homes, and a better self, I have been thinking lately about how we can all approach our personal growth in a gentler, kinder way. In a way that accepts and celebrates who we are at our core, while pushing and supporting ourselves to grow and step into what our unlimited potential has to offer. 

What is your definition of growth? I believe growth is accepting and loving the person you are at your core and figuring out the best ways to support who that person is and what she needs to reach her potential. Step by small step. Maybe its eating healthier so you have more energy for your natural gifts to shine. It could be finding what you need to let go of in your life, so you have more free time to spend with yourself and the people who you love. I believe growth is not what you lack, but rather it is a way to reorganize for your personal power to step forward and thrive. 

And how do you feel when others say or you believe you should be better? To me when I hear the suggestion of being better it connotes that who you are is not good enough. You at your core could somehow be improved upon, instead of letting your natural being and gifts shine as they were meant to. And I do not believe that your innate being could be any better. 

And while pushing to be better sounds stressful, growth is exciting. I have been thinking a lot lately about how to grow and evolve my life so that I am consistently honoring my values, my joy, and my potential. In a way that is gentle and empowering. Here are some examples of how growth has looked for me recently:

1. In line with my value of family, I have set more parameters around social media so I am more available to love and connect with my favorite people.

2. In line with my value of enjoyment, I have been pushing back work and taking the time to snuggle in the morning hours with my son and enjoy a morning beverage with nothing else to distract me.

3. In line with my value of honoring my unique person, I have turned away from the popular topic of routine and ritual, and embraced that I don't love things to look similar every day. In fact, I have learned that I thrive amongst change and a promise of a new day that doesnt look like yesterday.

I believe supporting yourself, your life, and the people around you to grow should be about coming home to who you already are and not about being better. To support and focus in on all your strengths rather than become weighed down by what you lack. 

I wanted to give you a resource to tune into your core values and beliefs. To take some time to come back to your center. I created this Fill in The Blank PDF to be a tactile way to come home and know all that you are and take some time to get back there. 

And finally, I wanted to touch upon what Nourish 360 is, and what we support. Because around health, wellness, weight, and self-care a lot of us can get stuck in the mindset that we should be better. Nourish 360 is a community, a wellness philosophy, and a coaching method that honors your unique person to grow. It is never a place that you should come and feel like you could be better. It is a place for encouragement to allow your potential to unfold, to honor your gifts, and to help you feel great so you have the energy to express those gifts to the world. Do we think you could ever be better? No, we are just excited to see how you grow. 

Have a great week everyone. Xo