5 Ways To Feel More Comfortable + At Home in Your Body

We can too easily find ourselves caught in the middle of the push and pull of our daily lives; often times away from being present, stillness and wisdom within ourselves. And over time and over the years, if we aren’t careful, we push ourselves away from feeling at home + comfortable in our skin. What was once trying to keep up, find happiness, or escape the dissatisfaction can leave us feeling distant from who we truly are and how we want to feel. 

There are many practices to support you in bringing back the awareness and comfort within. The following are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share:

  1. Make peace with quiet. Most people are uncomfortable with being bored or simply sitting with themselves uninterrupted. And the abundance of distractions available to us 24/7 via social media doesn’t make this an easy topic to tackle. Set some boundaries around how and when you reach for technology, screens, or anything that takes away from being present with yourself. (Example: I will put away my phone at 9pm) The more we can practice being with our true, undistracted selves, the more at home we grow in our skin. Take time every day to pursue things such as making yourself a cup of tea, sitting in nature, or observing what is around you and how you feel.
  2. See beauty in others. How often do you feel like everyone you encounter is just. plain. annoying? Chances are, in these times, you aren’t welcoming your own discomfort or imperfections either. Take a look at how you need to tend to yourself and in turn search for what you are amazed by in others. When we practice seeing what is beautiful and inspirational around us, as opposed to what is irritating, we open ourselves up to experience the beauty inside ourselves as well. 
  3. Enjoy how you nourish your body. Most of us know we feel better when we fuel our bodies with wholesome foods and create healthy practices. But sometimes we can put more focus on what others tell us is beneficial, without putting it through our own intuition filter. Make sure you balance learning new information around well-being with listening to what you truly enjoy and what supports you in feeling your best. Truly enjoying your food and daily routine is often highly underrated.
  4. Be present through the hard bits. Being present and truly feeling your way through the difficult periods in your life opens you up to accepting and loving yourself on a higher level. When you have loved yourself and been present through the good as well asthe challenging, you recognize that you love your entire self; not just the shiny parts.
  5. Give love and authentically care for others. Giving love and care to others in your life is another method of caring for yourself. Cuddle and love your kids. Throw a party with all your heart for a friend. Buy a homeless man lunch you know tastes amazing. All that you give out with genuine kindness, allows you to receive more of the same and feel great about who you are. 

What ways are you dedicated to care for yourself on a higher level this week? Xo