Creating Seasonal Feels + A Playlist

The change in season I see as opportunity. Opportunity to shift and realign with what is happening outside of myself, and within,  in order to thrive. The evolving produce allows me to change up my diet, welcoming new foods in that are in line with the earth around me and what the season has to offer. The longer, warmer days motivate me to move my body a bit more than in the winter months. I begin to opt to surround and dress myself with lighter colors; I evolve with my surroundings to manifest new energy within. 

And I love the change. I see it as possibility to reignite and create what I want to experience in my life. To reflect upon what exactly that is and create it in my world. To set the stage for a shift and touch base with what my body and mind are craving now in order to thrive, be present, and love the day to day.

And this shifts. One way of being does not work for everyone.  And one approach does not necessarily work for one person all year long. The change in season gives us room to take stock of what we need in the present and what needs to shift in our lives as the world changes around us. 

Spring to me is soft light. It is uplifting yet soothing. It feels different from winter.'s dark and heavy coziness. And the way I celebrate the change in season and set a new tone in my home and within myself, makes a difference in my life. One of the ways I create a seasonal feel  s by turning to music. And I wanted to share with you what has been helping me set a soothing, light vibe for spring. I hope you enjoy this playlist. And I hope you take part in utilizing your own creativity to cultivate a world you are happy to be living in, that is line with the shifts happening around you. Good music is always a good place to start.

Happy Spring Feels Xo