6 Simple Self-Care Ideas That Actually Make A Difference

Giving yourself the space to care and connect within is essential to showing up as your best self. And, it is an essential component to knowing who you are, what makes you thrive, and accomplishing your personal goals + dreams.  Remember that little pep talk they give you on the airplane about securing your safety mask before your child? In order to show up in your life and give to yourself and others on a high level, you must first tend to your own well-being. 

Without nourishing our minds, bodies, and emotions, we show up empty. We are tired, unmotivated, and resentful to others that are taking up our time and space because we first haven't nurtured within. And that doesn't attract great people and circumstances into our lives. And it surely doesn't get our personal goals in motion. On the other hand, when we do nurture ourselves consistently, we find that we are more stable and clear. We are happier and have more energy to authentically give. We can connect with others and make better choices for ourselves.  

But, I get it. Self-care can be difficult to implement. Often times its the easiest thing to kick to bottom of the list. Because, chances are, you are a kind and giving person that wants to show up for other people. And sometimes, its just easiest to put your own needs aside.  But, if we can all implement self-care into our days, weeks, and months more consistently, we  will show up more refreshed, more intentional, and more lovely... for ourselves and others. You will have more energy to pursue your dreams, put your goals in motion, and build better relationships. You will feel better and more comfortable in your own body.

So here are my simple self-care tips that truly make a difference. Pick one, pick five, pick whatever speaks to your soul and start putting them into action and watch yourself thrive.

6 Simple Self-Care Ideas
That Actually Make a Difference

  1. Set parameters around technology. We are all distracted by technology. I mean, its flipping addictive. But, creating healthy boundaries with screens will not only free up time and brain space, it will allow your mind and body to truly rest. It will allow you to connect with your intuition and what you should really be doing in the present moment. My suggestions are to set specific times you put away and turn off your screens. (morning and evenings I have especially beneficial to set parameters) Try it. You will feel better!
  2. Eat more veggies. Although my stepson argues this point rather proficiently, I still stand firm that veggies will and can change your life. Start somewhere. Start anywhere. You love having burgers? Add a side salad. Learn to make simple veggie stir-fries at home that taste amazing. Blend up a green smoothie. Stock your fridge with easy to access greens. Make it easy on yourself to eat more green. Again, You will feel better!
  3. Be grateful. This is a game changer people. You may or may not hear people talk a lot about gratitude in the wellness realm. Gratitude journals, gratitude prayers, gratitude this, and gratitude that. But do you implement gratitude consistently on a daily basis? Try starting and ending your day with all you are thankful for or simply what you like that is surrounding you. You can make a list or say it in your head. It helps you focus on all you have versus everything you don't and will help you see everything with a brighter lens. Try this consistently and it will change your world.  
  4. Create a morning rhythm. How you do start your day? Is it enjoyable? Or do you dread waking up each day? By creating a morning rhythm, you can infuse what you love into the mornings in order to start the day in a high vibe, lovely way. I start pretty much every day with the following (not always in the same order): gratitude, good music, lots of water, coffee or tea, and pulling from a deck of grace cards. I have grown to love my mornings and they truly set a beautiful tone for my day. Ask yourself, what are 3 things I can incorporate in my mornings consistently that I will look forward to and that I will enjoy?
  5. Have some flipping fun. What do you truly enjoy doing? Not just the idea of something, but the actual in the moment joy you get from doing something particular. Make a list and stick it on your fridge as a reminder of all the ways you can have fun and give back to yourself. For me its taking a bath, writing at the local coffee shop, driving + listening to my favorite podcasts, walking with friends, baking, and listening to an amazing album.
  6. Put on an outfit you feel great in. It doesn't even matter if you aren't leaving the house. Dressing yourself in a way you that feels good to you is another way to love your body just the way it is. Maybe its your favorite skirt, or a sundress, or even donning a new shade of lipstick. Being intentional around how you dress yourself makes a difference. It is a specific way to express yourself and how you want to feel.  Try it. Guess what? You will feel better. Xo

What are your go to self-care ideas?