It's Here! "A Guided Journal For Your Day" E-Book

I am so excited to be releasing my first e-book today! ( And also, happy first day of fall ) This guided journal came to me as an idea because as I was trying to create more space in my life to listen to my intuition and inner wisdom amidst the everyday hustle bustle. I wanted more time to connect with my authentic beliefs and time to visualize my dreams and what exactly I wanted for my life. I needed quiet and I needed the space to connect. 

So, I chose to journal. I began writing down how I was feeling  and how I wanted to feel. I started to ask myself specific questions, on paper, that I so deeply wanted the answers to. And what I ended up creating for myself were prompts and guidance for specific times of day, emotions, and wishes. And this is how "A Guided Journal For Your Day" came to be. 

Not only did I get great ideas and work through difficult emotions (as well as welcome pleasant ones),  but I was able to build a better relationship with myself through journaling. I was able to tune in and strengthen my authenticity by paying more attention to who I am at the core. And this is my wish for you. By creating "A Guided Journal For Your Day", I wanted to create a space for your intuition to  shine and guide you. For you to connect deeper with yourself and feel more peaceful, aligned, and on the right path to wherever that may be. 

I chose September 22nd to release my e-book, the first day of fall, because sometimes we all need a little help to slow down. Fall  is a time to create more space for rest and rejuvenation; to re-connect and align with your center. And I wanted to celebrate this beautiful season with a journal and a chance to dig deeper and discover what you need for the second half of this year to be exactly what you need and want it to be.  In this e-book, you will find different journals and prompts for different times of day, emotions, and desires such as:

  • Morning, Afternoon, + Evening
  • Exploring Self Love
  • Welcoming Joy
  • Supporting My Body
  • Letting Go of Anger
  • Exploring Discomfort
  • Understanding My Grief

The benefit of this book being an e-book (you receive a PDF of the book in your inbox right after ordering), is that you have an endless supply of the journals. You can print off the entire book and then choose the pages you want to utilize and revisit routinely and print those off as many times as you like. Since this book is a journal, there is plenty of space to write between questions, so being able to print off several copies to utilize as much as you want is a great bonus. You will always have the journal and the space to come back to you. 

To my loyal friends who take the time to not only read my posts, but support me being me , I thank you with my whole heart. I feel your presence and by showing up to read my thoughts twice a month, you push me to create information and inspiration to the best of my ability. By coming to this space, you encourage me to tune into my inner wisdom and share those nuggets with the world. And I thank you so much for that support. If you would like to purchase "A Guided Journal For Your Day", I am offering you 20% off until October 1st. (View the journal and more info here and enter "journal" at checkout to get the discount) I hope you enjoy my e-book and create more space in your life for you being the best version of you.