The Amazingness of Alone Time

Alone time. To some these words sound so sad, dull, and well, lonely. But to others,  alone time is the way we are able to reconnect with ourselves, our inspirations, our truth. It is a magic gem that is coveted and looked forward to oh so eagerly as a refuge from the hustle bustle of daily life.

I have recently gotten back in the habit of (semi) daily journaling, trying to connect with thoughts, wishes, experiences, and what the heck is happening in this world. It is my best version of alone time. Being able to take some moments to connect with myself, I have learned, is so essential to my happiness and to my growth as a person. Without it, I am actually not as great of a person! It is the way I know what is right or wrong based on how I feel, the time I reacquaint with where I am headed, and touch into feelings and emotions that are there to guide me in a certain direction. It is the time I realize why things are the way they are and try to have more faith in life itself, and to be guided with ease rather than struggle fighting things too much. Its the time I realize how beautiful my home is, how lucky I am to live where I live, and what am amazing and loving family I have. Its time I can reflect and grow to be a better person for myself and all the people around me. I hope you also have moments like this. They are truly wonderful.

So, what is your best version of alone time? When do you feel more connected to yourself and inspired and happy? If one way of spending time with yourself doesn't pop into your head, here are a few ideas that might resonate with you:

- Going for walks in nature
- Preparing a meal from scratch
- Taking a yoga class
- Taking a nap
- Enjoying a warm beverage in front of the fireplace
- Singing and dancing
- Reading
- Gardening
- Creating
- Running outside

As the days are getting shorter, I find myself looking inward more and more. I hope you can revel in your own beauty, amazingness, and potential when you take a moment (or several) for yourself.

Wishing you all the best,