Talk to Yourself.

The week after Christmas is probably one of my favorite times of year. All my cards have been written, my presents wrapped and given, and my heart is full and satiated from seeing all of my family during holiday festivities. But, this week, this week! is my time to sit still, relax, and remember all the wondrous gifts of the past year, to reflect, give thanks, and put forth my intentions for the next year. Its a week that, after giving and dedicating so much of my heart to my loved ones, is focused inward on recharging and giving much to myself.

During the hustle, bustle, and fatigue during the holidays I must say that, at times, I've seen myself in a better state of mind. But these moments, I've learned, are great ones to learn new tools and move oneself into a bigger, stronger, and more radical self. This season, with some guidance from amazing authors such as Louise Hay and Gabrielle Bernstein, I've been breaking out what is called the affirmation. Affirmations are simply positive statements that are said to oneself in the present tense and personal form. For example: When I am hurt by someone's action because I am feeling disrespected... insert: I am respected. When I am feeling taking for granted and less loved than I would like.. insert: I am loved. I say these affirmations to myself a few times, or many times if I feel called to do so. And you know what? It actually works. I feel more at ease, I feel more of whatever feeling I am telling myself, and thus I calm down and experience more grounded well-being.


Why do affirmations work and aren't just a bunch of mumbo jumbo you may ask? Today I realized that sometimes we all need a little bit of reassurance, cheerleading, and pat on the back to know that we are doing alright, to build our self-esteem, and to keep chugging along. When using affirmations, you switch from seeking these things from the outside (i.e. compliments from family,  reassurance from friends, etc.), to giving what you desire directly to yourself, from yourself. What brilliance! And in a few simple words no less.

So this time of year, as you rebuild and recharge yourself, think about giving yourself something extra, something simple. In the New Year why not start to break out some self-empowerment and tell yourself how amazing you are? Start believing in yourself a little more. Starting talking to yourself gosh darnit! You will wind up needing and wanting to hear encouragement less from others, because you are giving it directly to yourself. And yes, you will be more confident, radiant, and self-assured than ever. Because, you are amazing, no doubt.

With that, I want to wish you a wonderful, peaceful, and radiant 2015 full of joy, wellness, and your best self.