'Growth' vs. 'Better', Plus A Free Journal PDF

In a world that constantly creates content, information, and motivation around self-improvement, a better life, better bodies, better homes, and a better self, I have been thinking lately about how we can all approach our personal growth in a gentler, kinder way. In a way that accepts and celebrates who we are at our core, while pushing and supporting ourselves to grow and step into what our unlimited potential has to offer. 

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5 Ways To Feel More Comfortable + At Home in Your Body

We can find ourselves caught in the middle of the push and pull of our daily lives; often times away from being present, stillness and wisdom within ourselves. And over time and over the years, if we aren’t careful, we push ourselves away from feeling at home + comfortable in our skin. What was once trying to gain happiness, rush, and escape the dissatisfaction can leave us feeling distant from who we truly are and how we want to feel.  

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6 Simple Self-Care Ideas That Actually Make A Difference

Giving yourself the space to care and connect within is essential to showing up as your best self. And, it is an essential component to knowing who you are, what makes you thrive, and accomplishing your personal goals + dreams.  Remember that little pep talk they give you on the airplane about securing your safety mask before your child? In order to show up in your life and give to yourself and others on a high level, you must first tend to your own well-being. 

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Creating Seasonal Feels + A Playlist

The change in season I see as opportunity. Opportunity to shift and change and realign with what is happening outside of myself, and within,  in order to thrive. The evolving produce allows me to change up my diet, welcoming new foods in that are in line with the earth around me and what the season has to offer. The longer, warmer days motivate me to move my body a bit more than in the winter months. I begin to opt to surround and dress myself with lighter colors; I evolve with my surroundings to manifest a lighter mood. 

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Its Winter, Give Yourself A Break.

Happy (almost) February!

I'm just going to cut to the chase here... Is anyone else feeling tired??

The first thing I do when I get tired is jump into what the heck is wrong with me. I go into full on self diagnosing mode. Am I dehydrated? Are my hormones out of whack? Do I have cancer?!?! P.S. I get this from my mom. Love you!

It is always a great idea to be on top of your health, by getting regular check-ups, eating wholesome, moving regularly, and hydrating your body. And while sure, any of us at any given time could improve our health and well-being, sometimes we just need to slow down and rest.

It's winter people. The days are shorter, our immune systems are taking hits left and right, and naturally we are suppose to be in hibernation mode. But most of us continue going and doing the same amount as we do all year long. We push and force instead of being gentle with ourselves.

In the summer, we naturally want to do more and have increased energy. But we have to start asking ourselves when are we going to make time and space to slow down? To not do so much. To stop accomplishing and start being. Being with ourselves and our friends and families and resting our bodies and minds. 

I know I need the reminder. 'There is so much to be done!' 'Whats the next project I can jump on?' But what about tuning in and respecting the nature of winter and the need of our bodies and slowing down. Saying no to overstimulation (hello constant music or television, chores, business meetings, etc. etc. etc.)

If you are feeling a bit more tired than usual, yes there may be something amiss in your body. But maybe, you just need to slow down and read a book and turn in early. Maybe you need to turn off the music and listen to the rain. Maybe you need to reset and rest and turn off the wireless in your home for a few nights. 

Try surrendering this winter to yourself. To the moment. Go ahead, light a candle, make self care a priority, snuggle up with your blankets, your pets, and your familyand practice giving into the slowness of this season instead of pushing through. 

I love this video by Gabby Bernstein. Its a reminder that sometimes we need to give in, trust, and take a backseat. Winter is the perfect time to ease up. 


Do you have any gems to share with us around how to slow down, savor, and reset? Xo