On Sugar & What Works For You.

So I like sugar. This might seem odd to you. I am a wellness coach who specializes in working with women around nutrition and healthful eating. According to what I see on social media, read in books, and what society tells me… I should not like sugar. I should not eat it. i should not look at it. I should not keep it in my house. I should not do a lot of things if I want to consider myself a healthy person, let alone help others attain a higher level of health and well-being as well.

Well, guess what? I like sugar. I don’t mean this in a way where I drink soda or throw candy bars into my grocery basket in the checkout line. I don’t binge on sweets, although at one point in my life I used to, or think I have unhealthy relationship with sugar. But I do like it. To me its fun to have from time to time, and I personally do not like the feeling of being restrictive with food.   AND, I’m not perfect. I am on a journey like everyone else on this planet. I haven’t reached a place where I lack room for growth or look down at everyone else around me telling them what they should be or what they should do. And guess what? No one has reached that place. I don’t believe it even exists.

But when I am honest with myself and I allow my heart and intuition to be my guide, I know that it is about steps; small ones. I like sugar for instance, as I have just shared. I know it isn’t the greatest thing on the planet for me, so I have made the steps to try to make healthier desserts to enjoy that still taste delicious and listen closely to my body when I eat something sweet. One step was using maple syrup instead of refined sugar. Another was paying very close attention to how sweet treats taste and feel in my body. I now note how I feel and how sweets affect me, and hopefully take that information into my next experience and utilize that knowledge to make better decisions. Not perfect decisions, but better.

I believe it is important to tune into what works for you… right now. You may have an idea of where you would like to end up in a specific area of your life, but that end place has needs several smaller steps before you can reach it. Incorporating sweets in my life right now works for me. I have made progress from binging on sugar at one point in my life to now eating it more mindfully and consuming healthier sweet alternatives. I might be at a place on day where I don’t want it anymore. But it is not today. Today I am taking baby steps towards bettering myself and my body, not a leap towards being what others may say is perfect.

I wanted to encourage you with this post to take an honest look at where you are on your journey. To ask yourself what actually works for you. Sometimes when we set unattainable goals for ourselves and skip over the small steps we need to take, we fall backwards. The changes we implement don't stick and we “fall off the wagon.” We feel guilty and we don't understand why we can’t do it like everyone else. Its ok. Just give yourself a big comforting hug and focus on one. small. step. Something that seems attainable for who you are and where you are at. Take some time to think of an area in your life you race towards perfection or an idea of what you should be instead of trying out the baby steps. Try tuning into what works for you and what is attainable and feels right for you in this moment. Maybe it has to do with your relationships, the way you want to be a mother, your career, or the way you approach healthy eating and food. Mine was sugar. Whats yours?