On Setting Yourself Up for Success, Plus Healthy Snack Ideas

How do you set yourself up for success? Part of making progress in your life, reaching goals, and improving your overall happiness is supporting yourself and setting yourself up to succeed. This can look many different ways. If your goal is to lose weight for example, set yourself up by having accessible healthy ingredients or prepared meals to reach for when you are hungry. (See below for ideas) If your goal is to attain a feeling of calm and steadiness throughout the day, schedule in and prioritize taking some quiet breaks during your day. If you are exhausted by certain relationships in your life, set yourself up by surrounding yourself more with people who support you in feeling amazing and spend less time with the people who constantly challenge you. 

Hey, I am all for challenge and self-growth. I mean, some of my biggest revelations and inspirations have come out of some of my greatest difficulties. But that does not mean that you have to surround yourself with challenges all of the time. Challenges are wonderful. They take us out of our comfort zone and, given the right mindset, push us to evolve into our better selves. But, challenges are also inevitable, so you don’t need to go surrounding yourself with them. The challenges will come on their own. Instead of looking for challenges, set yourself up to enjoy more, eat healthier, laugh louder, and be a more authentic you. In other words, how can you support yourself in making your life easier? more joyful? You probably have an idea of  what direction you want your life to grow towards and I hope that includes more happiness and contentment. So, think of ways you can set yourself up for that.

Because my passion is health and wholesome foods, I set myself up for the win by having a host of go to healthy snacks. I know that eating healthy makes me feel great; it lends clarity, strength, and balance to my life. And part of that is having wholesome options available at all times in my home. If I had a cupboard full of Lornadoone cookies (a childhood favorite), lemon tarts, and cheesy bread I would be challenging myself all of the time. And sometimes you're tired, and you don’t need the extra challenge. So here are some wholesome snack ideas that are tasty and will help you support your health, as well as your family's,  while setting yourself up to succeed...

Wholesome Snack Ideas

hummus with carrots, sliced red bell pepper, and celery for dipping
organic yogurt with fresh (or frozen) berries, maple syrup, and chopped/roasted hazelnuts
fresh fruit
rice cakes with almond or peanut butter topped with sliced banana, raisins, and honey
mary’s crackers (or other wholesome, gluten free cracker) with goat cheese
sauteed spinach with a fried or poached egg on top
New Years Resolution Cookies
cottage cheese with berries
Vegan Mushroom Soup
A Green Smoothie
sweet potato with avocado, kale, and salsa
rice cakes with avocado and kimchi
roasted brussel sprouts

What are your favorite healthy snacks? In what ways do you set yourself up for success? Leave a comment below and share with us.