Super Power Mornings with Acai Bowls

I know, I know… its November. Its chilly and overcast most places (in the northern hemisphere at least), but I couldn’t resist sharing with you this hearty and delicious breakfast, dessert, and/or snack item. Even if it is frozen. On a recent visit with my family to Hawaii (thank you, thank you, thank you universe!), my husband and I snuck away every morning for a lovely walk. Just the two of us, beautiful Hawaii, and eventually an acai bowl at our favorite island coffee shop.

Before this, I have heard of these health conscious treats and seen numerous outposts dedicated to simply acai down in Newport Beach and the greater Los Angeles area. But I have never been completely drawn to them enough to order one. But the Hawaiian sunshine and being eager to counter some of the heavier meals we had been having on vacation (and yes, with the goal of skin glowing and looking my best in my swimwear also), I was up for trying one of these beauties. The color was gorgeous, the frozen-ness tricked me into thinking I was having ice cream for breakfast, and most importantly I felt amazing afterwards. And maybe here is why:

Very rich in anti-oxidants, this fruit is uber protective and keeps your body and cells strong from fighting off free-radicals. So exactly what does that mean? Oxidized cells lead to diseased cells such as cancer and general breakdown. The ANTI-oxidants found in acai protect your body from degredation and keep your cells (and thus skin, organs, etc) glowing and healthy.  Acai also contains loads of amino acids and omega fatty acids to keep your immune system at its best (great for transferring into winter) and your energy levels up.

This might be a recipe you want to try right away, and it also might be something to flag for late spring and early summer of 2015. Or simply anytime you just want to feel like you’re somewhere tropical. Have fun!