Health, Revisited.

Oh, the health world.

With so many contradictions, approaches, and leaders, how is anyone suppose to know what to do or where to turn in order to be healthy? In order to lose weight and feel not just ok, but fantastic? In order to feel comfortable in your skin? And heres the secret that I almost never hear anyone preach:

You know. You know better than the doctors, than the glowing gal on Instagram, than your cousin’s friend that is vegan and seemingly has it all figured out. 

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New Year's Resolution Cookie: Fall Edition

Some new years start in the fall. New school years. Jewish new years. There is a new beginning marked with the fall equinox. A time to slow down, regroup, and  to celebrate the marking of the new. So to celebrate, in the coziest, cookiest way possible, I wanted to create for you a fall version of my favorite cookie: The New Years Resolution Cookie .

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