June Wellness Roundup + A Summer Playlist

The sun is shining, warm weather is abound, and green smoothies be a flowing. Summer, sunshine, and warmth does wonders for my personal inspiration. I feel more energized to seek out new recipes, eat fresh food, get outdoors, and move.

This past month has been an exercise in welcoming summer and supporting my body + mind in a way that will allow me to enjoy this season to the best of my capabilities. To me that has meant finding replacements for sweet treats that are delicious and better balance my blood sugar and emotional state. (See recipe link below) It means elevating my mindset with good reads and podcasts that support my craving to live simpler, yet more fulfilled life. And finally, it means setting a nice vibe in our home with uplifting tunes and settling into the easy messes of summer. (You can find my summer playlist here and below) I hope the following resources help inspire you to recognize and put into action what will support you to relish in and fully enjoy these upcoming summer months.


  • Naturally Balancing Your Hunger Hormones. I love the new podcast by Robyn Conley Downs called The Feel Good Effect. Her gentle and wholesome approach to health and well-being is informative and inspiring minus the guilt and pressure that often comes with eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Her interview with Kelly LeVeque was especially helpful if you are trying to feel more balanced in your body and are keen on regulating blood sugar.
  • Recipe: Coconut Fat Balls. This recipe is simple, delicious, and is a great snack to help balance hormones and blood sugar. Check out some of Lee's other recipes geared towards balancing your bod. 


  • The Natural Way To Care For Your Teeth + Get That Glow. I have put so many of new methods into use because of this podcast episode. Great information as well as a wonderful conversation, Nadine Artemis shares tips for radiant skin, how to rejuvenate your gums, and the 8 steps of self-dentistry at home. 
  • Grace Not Perfection.  A beautiful book and journal reminding us all to slow down and relish this life. A perfect reminder and exercise for summer. Not to mention, a great poolside or beachside read.


Wishing you a beautiful last day in June, letting going of the previous month in gratitude, and welcoming the coming summer months ahead. Xo