July Wellness Roundup

Long days, flip flops, road trips, and even some sunshine here and there. July has been of month of easeful inspiration. The perfectly timed music, podcasts, friends, and good times seem to pop up effortlessly the more I let go and enjoy. All of the links in this month's wellness roundup were selected to help you live in just that way. Welcoming wellness into your life with more ease, choosing things that support you to live well, but also come with joy and don't require a lot of effort. To support you in letting go, living free, and feeling good while you do it. 



  • The Nomadic Wife. I just love the uncomplicated and welcoming feel Mel has created in her recipes, photography,  and her words. An honest, kind, and well meaning soul, her infectious love of food and community will be sure to inspire some summer meals around the table with others. One of the recipes I can't wait to try? 'The Best Carrot Top Sauce & Dip'.
  • Summer Infused Fruit Waters. One of my favorite things about summer is the bounty of produce and the variety of selection. Especially the fruit! To enjoy the abundant flavors of the season and keep your hydration on point, try adding fruits and herbs to your water. I love trying new combinations but some of my favorite include: cucumber/strawberry, strawberry/mint, pineapple/thyme, and basil/watermelon. So good!
  • @dadaeats. Great recipes and meal ideas by Samantha Dada have me so inspired lately. I made a grain free chocolate chip cookie recipe she posted a few weeks back and oh. my. goodness. is it amazing. And so easy! Currently my husband's favorite he has ever had. And did I mention it was grain free? Head on over to see what she is up to and get inspired by the deliciousness she is creating.


  • Yoga with Adriene. Do you want to move more effortlessly, but have a hard time finding the space to do so or get stuck in a rut easily? I know I do. I have been loving these yoga videos by Adriene that are approachable and have a variety of different time requirements and focuses for your physical and emotional body. 
  • Mamawater's Backyard Picnic Playlist. An hour and forty minutes of a French themed summer vibe. I can't think of anything better to listen to right now. 


  • Fill in the Blank Journal. Have you downloaded the free Nourish 360 Fill In The Blank Journal? A perfect way to slow down, connect within, and express yourself in an easeful way. Print it out and while you're at it, make a night dedicated to self-care: fill in the blank journaling, your favorite tea, a face mask, and you snuggled up in your favorite snuggly spot. Heaven.
  • Love Does. My current favorite read.  Bob Goff gives us a beautiful example of how to connect with others and love not just through theory, but in action. 

May your summer continue to be full of ease, light, and joy my friends!