March Wellness Roundup

I have been thinking a lot this month about intentional living. About daily choices I make in my life and how they in turn affect my personal well-being as well as my family, community, and in small ways the world at large.


For example, it have given me a renewed sense of purpose to choose how and what I buy with intention. I am choosing to opt for resale shops and support small business and handmade more and more. Are my choices perfect? No. They will never be, and I will never place that pressure on myself. But, what I choose instead is to make better and more intentional decisions day to day. To feel consistently better about the way I am spending my time and my money. To be aware and conscious about how my daily choices, over time, create big change in my life and in other's.

Other places I have found myself wanting to be more intentional is how I create space and care for my home, my morning routine, and the kind of energy I bring and give to others. And simply by being aware and trying in these areas, it has in turn created great shifts in perspective and for my personal reality. Just by trying and being intentional. Not by being perfect or even outstanding, but by inflating what we do with a little more purpose and awareness, we can change how we experience our lives.

So here is a little view into what has been inspiring me to be more intentional this month. As always I hope these resources will give you ideas to create change and to give attention to where you need it most in your life.

The Written Word.

  • Sensible Wellness for Women. An easy, and yes sensible, approach to well-being. I found this book to be inspiring and full of ideas that are simple to implement, rather than seeming like too much of a stretch.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Because its spring cleaning time and this book truly is life changing. Being intentional with what we surround ourselves with has the potential to impact how we feel in our lives; a message that Marie Kondo shares so generously in her book.
  • Love Lives Here. 'Finding what you need in a world telling you what you want.'  A beautiful book on living an intentional life rooted in faith and love. 

Instagram Inspiration

Podcast Love

  • Exist Brightly & The Nourish 360 Story. I was so honored to share a bit about my story and Nourish 360 over on The Exist Brightly podcast earlier this month. Kristina Santiago is the women behind this podcast; check out the beauty she is creating and bringing to the wellness movement. 
  • Some Ayurvedic Wisdom. The Yogahealer's tips on intermittent fasting and how to make small steps in feeling awesome in that bod.

Intentional Living

  • Make small steps. Simple shifts. How can you make a change in the direction you want to be headed. It doesn't have to be huge, but it does have to be attainable and then implemented. If you missed it, check out my thoughts on small steps and a sweet treat recipe.
  • Buy secondhand. I have loved scouring local thrift and resale stores for some time now, but recently numerous people in my life have expanded my awareness to online thrifting. A great concept to keep your environmental footprint a bit smaller, save a little money, and enjoy the hunt of what you are after. Large online shops that I have been loving are Thred-up and Poshmark. For more of a curated, cool-girl outlet visit American Weekend.  
  • Women's Yoga + Empowerment Event. If you are in and around the Monterey Bay, join the beautiful Kerensia for a free afternoon looking at where you can get unstuck in your life and thrive. Simply attending Kerensia's yoga classes have helped me make such a wonderful shifts in my life. Join her and experience her wonderful energy and all she has to offer in suppoerting you to step into your higher self.

Wishing you all well-being and balance heading into April. Xo