February Wellness Roundup

A theme for me this past month has been settling into quiet, stillness, and challenging that which I bring into my life. The idea of less: spending less, less screen time, less needless distraction has been coupled with more: time with friends, authenticity, truth. Below are some of what has been inspiring me lately to soak up the space between the moments and allow for less noise and more inspiration.

 Finding beauty in negative space.

Finding beauty in negative space.

The Written Word

  • Never has there been a better time to pick up The Invitation. With the political unrest asking us to stand bravely in our truth and for what we believe, The Invitation is inspiring, motivating, and will help you stand tall in who you are at your core.
  • Chasing Slow. A beautifully written memoir by designer + mama + wife + blogger Erin Loechner sharing her journey about enjoying life and slowing down and how she continually challenges herself to lean towards simplicity.

Podcast Love

  • This interview left me so inspired to re-evaluate how I look at money and if how I actually spend my money is bringing joy and happiness into my life.

Instagram Inspiration

  • @thenomadicwife for living slow and mindful, + changing your life with small shifts

Et Plus

  • A Reset + Renew Weekend. Celebrate the change in season with a weekend of yoga, connecting with like-minded women, creativity, journaling, and creating space to let your truth and authenticity shine.
  • Just Breathe. Need help sitting still? With simply being. Try the using Headspace. A free guide to taking minutes to tune in and connect within.


What have you come across this past month that has opened your eyes and inspired your heart?