Connecting With Wellness Maven Elisabeth Ensor

Connection is important. To bring more viewpoints into awareness, allow for ideas to inspire, and learn methods to manifest change.  The focus at Nourish 360 is always to bring a variety of information to our community to support our unique and individual strive for well-being and happiness. It is also the drive behind our new Wellness Maven Interviews, happening the first Friday of every month. By connecting, learning, and gleaning from others, we gain the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and approaches in our own lives to support ourselves and the others around us.  

I am so excited to welcome our first wellness maven, Elisabeth Ensor. Elisabeth (or Lizzy!) is a passionate woman who loves to bless and encourage everyone around her. She is focused on living life to the fullest, along with her husband, Chris, and 2 boys, Brooklyn and Sullivan. When she is not homeschooling, sharing and inspiring others with her knowledge of natural health, essential oils, or spending time with her family, she is creating beauty in her home due to her love of color and design. She loves reading, sewing, cooking, estate sale shopping and art of all kinds (her degree is in Studio Art.) She is passionate about living simply and elegantly, and is a true Parisian at heart. You can find her on Instagram sharing her well-being tips as @lizzyloveshealth as well as on her new and beautiful blog  Her drive around wellness and creativity is infectious, and this is why I am continually driven to find out what she is up to. 

Due to her love of video, Lizzy wanted to connect with us by answering our interview questions on screen. They turned out great and I hope you can make use of the inspiring info that Lisa so generously and authentically shared with our community....

Can you share with us some of your daily rituals?

What does a typical morning look like for you and your family?
What are your main sources of inspiration?

Can you explain what health and wellness means to you?
What is your favorite go to meal as of late?

When do you feel the most excited + renewed?
How do you implement self-care?

Can you share with us a little about your grief journey?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you so much Lizzy!