January Wellness Roundup

Resources are important. But we don't always know where to look for good information. Hence, at the end of every month, Nourish 360 will be posting a 'Wellness Roundup' to connect and share with you what has been inspiring us lately. And to contribute to and elevate this community, please share with us in the comments what you've been finding especially helpful and motivating lately. 

Recipe Hit List  

  • This banana bread on cozy + rainy weekend mornings.
  • An oldie but a goodie. My New Roots life changing loaf of bread is incredible as it is simple. Surprisingly easy to put together, plus super tasty, this bread will be on your weekly rotation in no time. An elevated and wholesome alternative to your standard loaf of bread.
  • You might not always feel like a cold pressed juice or green smoothie. (especially when its so darn cold!) Bone broth is easily digested + assimilated (much like the former options I mentioned) but has a warming and comforting effect and is perfect to enjoy in winter. Try this recipe and use a crockpot... its sooo easy! I use any leftover bones (chicken is a go to in our home) to make this broth and use it in soups, to cook rice or quinoa, or simply to drink on its own. If you are feeling lethargic, flighty, or imbalanced... try it!

Podcast Love
I love podcasts. They are my source of keeping inspired and I am always listening to them in the car. They make solo road trips to visit my mom that much more uplifting and enjoyable. 

  • This one is from a few months back, but never seizes to inspire and make me smile.

Instagram Inspiration
Yes, I do find there needs to be a limit with how much we tune into social media. I find myself too consumed at times, which doesn't feel great. BUT. When you can approach it with balance and see the exposure to beauty and inspiration that others have to offer... it can bring uplift to your day, especially in small doses.

On My Nightstand
Lets not forget about the written word. Turn down the noise in your home and snuggle in bed early with a great read. Below are some of my current favorites.         

Et Plus

  • Thinking of Valentines Day gifts? Check out the Nourish 360 Superfood Hot Cocoa. A perfect gift for anyone who loves delicious food and doesn't mind when its packed with superfoods.
  • If you are looking for an online community to share and collaborate with to create a supportive environment, join us over at The Nourish 360 Community on Facebook. 

What has been inspiring you lately? What type of resources help you feel most inspired?

Don't forget to look out for the next wellness roundup on Friday, February 24th.