On Community & Nourish 360

At the beginning of 2016, one of my New Year's resolutions was to find a group of amazing women to create a community with. I was yearning for  space and relationships that fostered support, fun, and ease. I needed a light. 2015 was an extremely difficult year for me, losing one of our twin boys and my dad  left me confused, tired, and emotional. And, honestly, what I was craving were some girlfriends. People who could understand and simply listen. People who I admired and simply liked being around. And since moving on from college, I found it more difficult to create lasting and strong relationships with a group of women. So, I wrote down my wish and made one action toward my goal. One step. I started by inviting a group of ladies I knew in the area to brunch at my home. The brunch was so much fun and one of my friends suggested we start a book club from our group that had gathered. Since then we have gone on to have several book clubs, fun nights, and connect with one another on a deeper level. And it has been a truly healing experience for me. Our community of women brings fulfillment and joy to my life in a way that cannot be filled by my husband or by my immediate family. My friends hold space, understand, and support me in a way that is nourishing, helpful, and authentic. And they teach me how to show up in return and be a friend and a supportive woman. They are my peers, great source of information, inspiration, joy, and an uplifting energy in my life.

 Michelle Magdalena Photography

Michelle Magdalena Photography

As a woman, the ability to have space away from my family and my daily life to connect with other like-minded women in my community is undeniably fulfilling. To have relationships and meet people who build you up and cheer you on, is something I believe to be necessary for success and happiness in your life. When you keep the company of people who are positive, uplifting, and authentic.... it is contagious. That energy inspires me to be a better person, introduce more fun and ease into my life, and tap into my feminine energy. It is the value that I hold in all of my friend's support that inspired me to add community and connection as a large pillar of my Nourish 360 women's wellness program.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my program, Nourish 360 is a group women's wellness program that meets once a week for 4 weeks. It was developed to support three main areas of a woman's well-being:

Physical Well-being through a gentle wholesome food cleanse
Emotional Well-being through identifying more joy in your life and taking time for self-care
Spirit Well-Being through connecting with women in the community while supporting and inspiring each other

In doing that and putting my program out into my community, I have in turn met so many amazing women who add inspiration, knowledge, and fulfillment to all of our circle meetings and to my life as well.  It was just a few baby steps. Just a few actions based on what I felt was missing in my life and in turn sharing that knowledge with others. Currently we are meeting for the month of May and a bit into June and the group is amazing, inspiring, and showing up to encourage more health, happiness, and space in their lives to live more vibrantly. 

I am now currently enrolling for the July, August, and September Nourish 360 groups. If you feel as though these intentions and values resonate with you and your journey, please come and join us. The support, information, and inspiration is a true game changer. If you have specific questions about the program , please reach out to me at hello@stephaniehorning.com.

Nourish 360 at New Leaf Market in Santa Cruz (Wednesday evening in July)
Nourish 360 at Carmel Belle in Carmel-By-The-Sea (Monday evenings in Aug/Sept)
Nourish 360 at Happy Girl Kitchen in Pacific Grove (Monday evenings in Sept/Oct)
Nourish 360 Holiday Edition at CarmelBarre in Carmel, CA (Tuesday evening in Nov/Dec)

I hope to see you there!