Welcome to Nourish 360!

Welcome everyone to Nourish 360. 

Today marks the first official day of this site and I am so very excited to bring it to you this New Year. Because New Years are times for new beginnings and times to think of how we want to restructure and revitalize our lives. To take a deeper look at how we want to be living and to give new intention to our lives. 

This new website is dedicated to nourishing yourself in a whole way. Giving you the tools, ideas, and inspiration to nourish your body, elevate your dedication to self-care , and connect more deeply with yourself, the people around you, and spiritually. Nourish 360 brings you information in the form of wellness writings on our blog, the opportunity to gain support with  Nourish 360 events and 1:1 coaching, wellness products to support your lifestyle, and a community of people dedicated to living a whole life. 

You will find posts that date back to 2014, when I launched my former website www.stephaniehorning.com. I brought over the writings that I believe are in sync with the Nourish 360 values and that will be a service to you and this community. 

I am on this journey with all of you and love being a contributor to the concept of Nourish 360. I also love that Nourish 360 is not me, but an idea that I have brought forth that is comprised of its growing community and dedication to people's health and well-being. My wish is that this site will be a positive, authentic, and inspirational place for people to connect via leaving comments and feedback and take the information that is distributed here and use it as a catalyst for an elevated, more inspired life. 

Since my vision for this site goes well beyond solely me, I would like to welcome contributors to submit their own insights in the form of writing, photos, or whatever you feel inspired and think will be a great fit for the Nourish 360 mission: to nourish your whole self. Not simply your body. Not simply your mind. Or your relationships. Or your spiritual connection. But all of it. All of it coming together to deeply satiate and propel your life forward to whatever you may dream it to be. Submissions can be emailed to stephanie (at) nourish360wellness (dot) com.

Again, I welcome you to Nourish 360 and I look forward to being a source of support and inspiration for one another. Happy New Year!