July Wellness Roundup

Long days, flip flops, road trips, and even some sunshine here and there. July has been of month of easeful inspiration. The perfectly timed music, podcasts, friends, and good times seem to pop up effortlessly the more I let go and enjoy. All of the links in this month's wellness roundup were selected to help you live in just that way. Welcoming wellness into your life with more ease, choosing things that support you to live well, but also come with joy and don't require a lot of effort. To support you in letting go, living free, and feeling good while you do it. 

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Connecting with Wellness Maven Krista Tarantino of American Weekend

I am so excited to welcome one of my dear friends Krista Tarantino to the blog today. Krista has been an inspiration to me for a few years now and I love how passionate she is not only about her personal health and well-being, but also around bringing more of conscious and informed lifestyle + information to others. As a nurse and the co-creator and co-owner of American Weekend, a beautiful vintage online store, Krista's definition of living a wellness lifestyle expands well beyond what is on her plate. 

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May Wellness Roundup

Looking at the months as they roll by, some do so in a light, feathery way, while others appear in a more crashing and thunderous manner. But whatever we are moving through in our personal lives, we can always dive within and look how we can be a bit better at not only managing what is thrown our way, but how to move through with more grace and grow amongst the beauty as well as the struggle. 

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April Wellness Roundup

Each month I sit down to reflect and write about what has been inspiring me over the past month. Spring is a beautiful time of year to let go of unwanted mindsets, behaviors, and habits to make space for new ways of being to unfold. 

This month's wellness roundup is a combination of how to clear space + let go with planting new habits and vibes into your life that will support you to see beauty, thrive, and love yourself.

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Connecting With Wellness Maven Eleanor Ozich

Happy April everyone. :) I am so excited today to be welcoming to the Nourish 360 community, Eleanor Ozich. Eleanor is a bestselling author, writer and mother to three children. She resides in a small beach house surrounded by native bush in the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. She delights in sharing recipes, ideas, and moments inspired by all things simple, seasonal and beautiful.

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March Wellness Roundup

I have been thinking a lot this month about intentional living. About how daily choices I make in my life and how they in turn affect my personal well-being and also my family, community, and in small ways the world at large.

For example, it have given me a renewed sense of purpose to choose how and what I buy with intention. I am choosing to opt for resale shops and support small business and handmade more and more. Are my choices perfect? No. They will never be, and I will never place that pressure on myself. But, what I choose instead is to make better and more intentional decisions day to day. To feel really good about the way I am spending my time and my money. To be aware and conscious about how my choices create a ripple effect. 


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