April Wellness Roundup

Each month I sit down to reflect and write about what has been inspiring me over the past month. Spring is a beautiful time of year to let go of unwanted mindsets, behaviors, and habits to make space for new ways of being to unfold. 

This month's wellness roundup is a combination of how to clear space + let go with planting new habits and vibes into your life that will support you to see beauty, thrive, and love yourself.

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Connecting With Wellness Maven Eleanor Ozich

Happy April everyone. :) I am so excited today to be welcoming to the Nourish 360 community, Eleanor Ozich. Eleanor is a bestselling author, writer and mother to three children. She resides in a small beach house surrounded by native bush in the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand. She delights in sharing recipes, ideas, and moments inspired by all things simple, seasonal and beautiful.

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March Wellness Roundup

I have been thinking a lot this month about intentional living. About how daily choices I make in my life and how they in turn affect my personal well-being and also my family, community, and in small ways the world at large.

For example, it have given me a renewed sense of purpose to choose how and what I buy with intention. I am choosing to opt for resale shops and support small business and handmade more and more. Are my choices perfect? No. They will never be, and I will never place that pressure on myself. But, what I choose instead is to make better and more intentional decisions day to day. To feel really good about the way I am spending my time and my money. To be aware and conscious about how my choices create a ripple effect. 


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February Wellness Roundup

A theme for me this past month has been settling into quiet, stillness, and challenging that which I bring into my life. The idea of less: spending less, less screen time, less needless distraction has been coupled with more: time with friends, authenticity, truth. Below are some of what has been inspiring me lately to soak up the space between the moments and allow for less noise and more inspiration.

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Connecting With Wellness Maven Elisabeth Ensor

Connection is important. To bring more viewpoints into awareness, allow for ideas to inspire, and learn methods to manifest change.  The focus at Nourish 360 is always to bring a variety of information to our community to support our unique and individual strive for well-being and happiness. It is also the drive behind our new Wellness Maven Interviews, happening the first Friday of every month. By connecting, learning, and gleaning from others, we gain the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and approaches in our own lives to support ourselves and the others around us.  

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January Wellness Roundup

Resources are important. But we don't always know where to look for good information. Hence, at the end of every month, Nourish 360 will be posting a 'Wellness Roundup' to connect and share with you what has been inspiring us lately. And to contribute to and elevate this community, please share with us in the comments what you've been finding especially helpful and motivating lately. 

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