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The Nourish 360 Story

My name is Stephanie Horning, and I am the woman behind Nourish 360. Throughout my life, I have been pulled toward wellness to create a better life for myself and to find a place of peace in my body. As a certified yoga teacher and holistic nutritionist, I have been learning about the wellness path for some time now. But I always knew there was something more to living a great life than eating your greens and perfecting postures.

The idea of creating a way of being that melded body, mind, and connection came to me during an impossibly rough time in my life. In 2015, as I was losing my dear dad to a battle with cancer, I become pregnant with my precious twin boys. I lost my dad when I was in my second trimester, and trying  to reconcile such a deep loss with my family growing at the same time was extremely confusing and emotional. Three months later, I went into premature labor just shy of 31 weeks pregnant, a full 2 months before my boys were due, and we lost our son Aiden and welcomed our son Alexander into this world. Life and loss; and I was left trying to experience both with a newborn baby.

And this is where Nourish 360 was born. In the midst of trying to deeply care for myself and my family I felt lost. But I knew the steps I needed to take. I needed to nourish my body with nutrient dense + whole foods. I needed to take time for self-care on an elevated level.  And I needed community and connection with other women, friends, family, and strangers. I needed this in order to heal, find happiness, and take care of myself and my family. And I knew I was not alone. 

Because, we all have stories of life and loss. They come in various packages; but we all experience joy, hardship, loss, and feel the need to pull it all together. This is what Nourish 360 is. Giving you the tools, inspiration, and catalyst to live your best life, pull yourself together, and make it not just  work  ok; but to see and experience the extraordinary magic in this life. To better support your body so you can move through life easier and more gracefully. To give back to yourself so you can give back to others in a more authentic and loving way. To know and feel inspired to connect with others, so you can see the beauty in this world and in yourself.

Read our posts. Engage in our community by leaving comments on our blog posts. Check out what we have to offer. And we are always looking for people to share their talents in this space as well. If you have something to contribute by ways of writing, photos, videos, or anything you think aligns with our vision please email us at: stephanie@nourish360wellness.com

And again thanks for stopping by, we are so happy to welcome you into our community.